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Power system solution for pure electric loader

Ultra-low energy consumption,which can save the cost of a fuel loader per year;

Equipped with large capacity LiFePO4 battery, which adopts double plug charging method, it can be fully charged within 1-1.5 hours, with a maximum endurance of 7-12 hours;

Leading key performance, accurate control, which can greatly improve system dynamic response and steady-state performance, to improve control accuracy, reduce energy consumption;

The motor torque fluctuation is small, without jerking sensation, with stronger reserve force, improved slope climbing, high peak power, and large short-term traction force.


In I gear, the maximum speed is 13km/h, the motor speed is 810-3000rpm, and the efficiency is greater than 96%;

When the full load climbing in I gear, at 4km/h, the gradeability can reach 25%;

VCU, TCU integration, no communication delay, which is more reliable to control;

Optimize the AMT power shift strategy, improve the synchronous control performance of the motor and transmission, improve the shift smoothness and power continuity, and reduce the labor intensity of the driver's operation;

Improve the low speed and zero speed smoothness of the vehicle control strategy, and improve the maneuverability of extreme loading operations.

Vehicle electric drive system

Integrated motor controller, DC/DC module and PDU to provide power and distribution of high voltage auxiliary parts on vehicle body and the whole vehicle;

The combination of high power density and compact permanent magnet synchronous motor with advanced vector control algorithm makes the motor control more accurate and efficient;

Improved fault diagnosis and protection strategy to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the electric drive system;

The special no-position sensing control algorithm can easily deal with the case of motor rotation failure.

Intelligent electric sanitation/
logistics vehicle Electric Drive system solutions

  • Intelligent, Efficient and Practical

    Vehicle and chassis integrated control system, the system cost is more economical.Domain fusion architecture,more economical with lower energy consumption.Vehicle intelligent control, one-button operation, which is easier to control and more efficient to operate.

  • High-quality service, accurate operation

    Cloud platform, big data, remote fault diagnosis, software upgradable.OTA of the whole vehicle, hardware and software configuration according to customer needs.Optimal scheduling system, driver side, scheduling side, accurate and efficient operation.

  • Full stack technology,safe and reliable

    Chassis, power system, vehicle system highly coordinated.Full stack integration of power domain, cockpit domain and driver assistance domain.The core parts have been strengthened and durability tested, and the quality is stable.Three layers high-voltage safety monitoring. Improved reliability, convenient maintenance, and reduced maintenance cost.

Battery system

Large capacity, high efficiency LiFePO4 battery, cycle life of 4000 times.Backside installation, leaving more installation space for the operating device of the electrification system.Streamlined battery cover design effectively reduces the wind resistance of the vehicle.Electric box, liquid cooling unit, control box integrated design, less connection pipeline, to provide a safe and reliable energy source for the vehicle.

  • High discharge capacity, continuous 300A and short-term 600A discharge capacity, meeting the power requirements of various working conditions such as acceleration and climbing;
  • Intelligent temperature control system, so that the battery could operate under the optimum temperature zone, improve charging and discharging capacity of the battery, which could ensure the safety;
  • 76 fault protection strategies in 3 layers of protection level to ensure the safe operation of the battery pack; Excellent balance control strategy could improve battery life;
  • Efficient and fast charging, combined with excellent energy consumption performance of Powertrain, whjch could save time and cost.


Permanent magnet synchronous motor, high efficiency,compact size, light weight, protection level IP68;

High performance integrated motor controller, comapct size, scalable and compatible;

4 -speed AMT transmission, high reliability, sliding sleeve shift,which could reduce transmission assembly failure rate;

Each component is carefully calibrated to maximize system efficiency and reliability;

VTCU integrated hardware design, shift and vehicle control strategy integration.

-Intelligent shift strategy and vehicle control system

-Efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor control algorithm

-Multiple system-level redundancy solutions