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Intelligent industrial equipment

Multi-protection design of touch display, IP65 waterproof and dust-proof panel, safe and stable, wide temperature and high brightness display, to meet the needs of various applications in industrial field.

The pressure sensors have excellent shock and vibration resistance functions and are designed with advanced manufacturing concepts to meet the specific needs of customers, providing a wide range of solutions for industrial applications and mobile devices.

Low voltage DC controller

The new generation of low-voltage DC controller has a streamlined wiring harness and can be connected by inserting connectors, time-saving reduces effort. It has broad application prospects in practical applications, which can improve equipment efficiency, reduce losses, save energy, and promote industrial upgrading and development.

Automated production line

Adhering to the business philosophy of "intelligent, efficient and sustainable development", Shanghai smart control is continuously committed to the research, development and innovation of intelligent manufacturing of industrial product lines, creates digital workshops, intelligent factories, improves efficiency, reduces loss, improves quality and ensures stability, and escorts the steady advancement of industrial automation "intelligent, flexible, networked and green".