Stock Code: 001266


Intelligent cockpit quad screen

  • Active safety
  • Speech recognition
  • 360 panoramic parking
  • Real time road navigation
  • DMS driver behavior detection
  • Mobile Internet
  • DVR built-in dash cam
  • Multimedia playback
  • Radio
  • Reverse view

High precision fusion positioning terminal

This product receives the original GNSS data through the satellite antenna, and receives RTK differential data through the vehicle gateway and TBOX, and also receives body attitude and other information from the chassis (such as wheel speed, steering wheel angle, etc.), integrates its own IMU attitude information, obtains high-precision positioning information through the fusion positioning algorithm, and finally sends it to the whole vehicle through the vehicle ETH or CAN bus.

J3 Parking Integrated Domain Controller

  • AEB Automatic emergency braking
  • FCW Front collision warning
  • ACC Adaptive cruise control
  • LKA lane maintenance
  • LCA lane change assistance system
  • TJA Traffic Jam Assistance
  • APA automatic parking
  • AVM panoramic imaging system


The T-Box black box is a cost-effective innovative fusion product integrating the intelligent networking terminal (T-Box) and the automobile event data recording system (EDR). It is not only a necessary entrance and the only channel of the Vehicle-to-everything, but also a legal product that meets the mandatory national standards of T-Box and EDR for new energy vehicles.