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Monitoring platform

Multimedia Monitoring Platform System

Application fields:Vehicle driving, operation and other scenarios and to improve operation efficiency.

Product Characteristics:Multimedia monitoring platform system is an integrated management platform of data, video, audio and control, including real-time video, operation data, AI analysis, vehicle positioning, vehicle management, operation supervision, fuel consumption analysis, workforce time analysis and many other functions. The synchronization of video and vehicle data is more conducive to operational analysis and accident tracing.

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Product Overview

Product features

• Deeply engaged in special equipment industry, supporting suppliers of major OEMS, in-depth understanding of vehicle electrical system.

• High integration: audio and video, graphic reports and other multi-media integration, non-professionals can also professionally manage vehicles.

• Data security: Private encryption protocol, high data security, support user private deployment.

• Flexibility: Large screen supports flexible customization.

• Personalized customization: customized special functions, adapt to different industries, manufacturers.

Platform function

• Multi-terminal, multi-account management: mobile phone, computer, monitoring room can be online at the same time, management can be achieved anytime and anywhere. Account levels and role rights are defined separately. Videos transmit, supporting a large number of terminals to watch videos at the same time.

• Data technology is synchronized with video and audio: using Smart Control cloud platform can realize data and video synchronous view and playback. Remote commanding basis is more adequate and accurate. Online on-site operator perspective to avoid misinformation and communication delay.

• Alarm record and reminder: abnormal data of vehicles can be alerted in various terminals, and important warnings can be notified by email or SMS.


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