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eMagi Series Display

Application fields:construction vehicles, construction machinery, port machinery, agricultural machinery, sanitation machinery

Product Characteristics:Adopt international standard high-brightness LED backlight display, which can be clearly seen under strong light, and has the characteristics of long service of life and high resolution rate, multiple programmable buttons, open operating system, integrated rich IO ports, which can adapt to harsh environments, support Smart Control model and support CAN OTA

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Product Overview

Product features

Multiple programmable buttons

Integrated rich IO ports

Adapt to harsh environments

Support Smart Control object model

Support CAN OTA

Open operating system

Application fields

Crane Control System

Excavator Control System

Paver Control System

Drilling Rig Control System

Tower Crane Safety Control System

Lift Control System

Safety Monitoring System

Crawler Crane Control System



eMagi Series Display

Display size 5.6” 7.0”
Frequency Crotex A8 1GHz Crotex A8 1GHz
RAM 256MB 256MB
Flash 256MB 256MB
Touch No No
Function keys 10 8
Resolution 480*640 800*480
Backlight 200cd/㎡ 300cd/㎡
Mode TFT true color TFT true color
Viewing angle 140° 140°
Supply voltage 9 to 32VDC 9 to 32VDC
Consumption Less than 800mA@24V Less than 800mA@24V
Operating system WinCE WinCE
Programming platform CosDeSys2.3 CosDeSys2.3
CANbus 2* CAN2.0B
compatible with J1939 protocol
2* CAN2.0B
compatible with J1939 protocol
Ethernet 1* 10/100Mbit/s,IEEE802.3 1* 10/100Mbit/s,IEEE802.3
USB 1* USB2.0 1* USB2.0
Protection level IP65 IP65
Operating temperature -20℃ to 70℃ -20℃ to 70℃
Storage temperature -30℃ to 70℃ -30℃ to 70℃
Mounting type Bracket mount Bracket/Embeded installation
Shell material Engineering plastic Engineering plastic
Dimension 212*142*49 220*159*63
I/O ports 2* 0..5V
2* 4..20mA
4* DIH
3* DIL
10* DOH
1* 5V reference supply(20mA)
2* 4..20mA
3* AI_V
8* DIH
3* DIL
6* DOH

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