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Power Module

ePower Power Management Module

Application fields:Engineering vehicles, agricultural machinery, sanitation vehicles, fire fighting vehicles.

Product Characteristics:Flexible configuration of IO port. Output port is configured with short circuit and open circuit diagnosis.

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Product Overview

Product features

Compared with the traditional relay box, ePower has the characteristics of high integration, short-circuit protection and simple wiring. No special power distribution cabinet is required.

IO ports can be flexibly configured according to customer requirements, and output ports are equipped with short circuit and open circuit diagnosis.

Application fields

Excavator control system
Loader control system

Crane control system
Rotary drilling control system

Tractor control system
Harvester control system

Roller control system
Paver control system


Product model ePower Power Management Module
Processor 16bit
Frequency 25MHz
RAM 11k Byte
Flash 256k Byte
Download way Support CAN downloading
Power supply voltage 7 to 32VDC
Programming language C/C++
Power consumption in the sleep mode 8mA
Connector Delphi GT280 series

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