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Relay Box

eBattery Power Management Module

Application fields:Engineering vehicles

Product Characteristics:Suppot control the electromagnetic main switch, start, main brake, air conditioning idle, excitation, retarder, generator and preheating and other large current output work.

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Product Overview

Product features

Vehicle power control: The eBattery power management module is a control system that controls the high current and startup of the vehicle. The high current devices and safety devices of the vehicle are concentrated inside the module high power control box.

Abundant high-power ports: The port can control the electromagnetic master switch, start, main brake, air conditioner idle speed, excitation, retarder, etc.

Application fields

Crane control system


Electrical parameter Physical parameter
Supply voltage 12 to 32V DC Material Flame retardant and high temperature resistant material, flame retardant grade V-0
Environment Dimension(W×H×D) 224×138×63 mm
Operating temperature -40℃ to +85℃ Configuration
Storage temperature -40℃ to +85℃ DC contactor Customizable
Protection level IP65 Relay Customizable

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