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E-WS Wind Speed Sensor

Application fields:Engineering vehicles, fire-fighting vehicles

Product Characteristics:Data information linearity number, long signal transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability.

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Product Overview

Product features

Scope of application: E-WS wind speed sensor is mainly applied to measure the wind speed of the external environment and output corresponding signals, mainly applied in the safety and detection systems of cranes, excavators, ski lifts, cables, wind power stations and weather stations.

High performance: Data information linearity, long signal transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability.

Application fields

Crane Control System
Rotary Drilling Rig Control System

Crawler Crane Control System
Tower Crane Safety Control System

Rice Transplanter Control System
Fire truck control system


Product E-WS Wind Speed Sensor
Material Stainless steel
Operating voltage Rated24 VDC(18 to 30VDC)
Wind speed measurement 0 to 30m/s 0 to 40m/s(optional)
Operating temperature -40℃ to +70℃
Protection grade IP65(when sensor installation complies with requirements)
Color Black(shell)
Output signal 4 to 20mA, RL≤600Ω/pulse
Maximum bearing range 80m/s(up to 30 minutes)
Operating humidity 0 to 98%(no condensation)
Starting wind speed ≤1m/s
Wind-resistance level 70m/s
Wind velocity error ±0.5m/s(0~15m/s)
Connection type Three-core cable
Salt spray protection level The corrosion area is less than 1%
Whether it has heating function no

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