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Ultrasonic Sensor

Application fields:Engineering vehicles, fire-fighting vehicles

Product Characteristics:Proximity switch parameter setting using ULTRA 3000 Software via programmable interface.

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Product Overview

Product features

Proximity switch parameter setting using ULTRA 3000 software via programmable interface

Current and voltage output

Synchronization function

Adjustable sound power and sensitivity

Temperature compensation

Application fields

Crane Control System
Excavator Control System

Paver Control System
Roller Autopilot System

Fire truck control system


Testing range 80 to 2000mm
Adjustment range 120 to 2000mm
Blind area 0 to 80mm
Standard target board 100mm×100mm
Transducer frequency About 180kHz
Response delay Minimum 65ms
Factory setting 195ms
Operating way/displaying way
LED green Bum steady:electrify
flash:Object detected in standby mode or set state
LED yellow1 Bum steady:target objection in detection area
flash:set function
LED yellow2 Bum steady:target objection in detection area
flash:set function
LED red Bum steady:The temperature/setting plug is not connected
flash:Error or target not detected in set state
temperature/setting plug Temperature compensation、switch point setting、output function setting
Electrical parameter
Operating voltage 10 to 30 VDC
Power dissipation P0 ≤900mVV
Interface type RS232,9600Bit/s, no parity check, 8 bits data, 1 stop bit
synchronization bothway
0-level: -Ub~+1V
1-level: +4V~+Ub
input impedance:>12kOhm
Synchronizing pulse:≥100μs,同步脉冲周期:≥2ms
Synchronizing frequency
General operating mode ≤30Hz
Multiple operating mode ≤30/n Hz,n= proximate switch’s number
Output type one current output4-20mA
One voltage output 0-10V
Resolution Operating range 4000[mm],but ≥0.35mm
Characteristic curve deviation ≤0.2% full-scale value
Repeatability accuracy ≤0.1% full-scale value
Load impedance Current output:≤500Ohm
Voltage output:≥1000Ohm
Temperature drift ≤2% of full-scale value(with temperature compensation)
≤0.2%/K(without temperature compensation)
Meet criterion
criterion IEC/EN 60947-5-2
Surrounding environment
Environment temperature -25 to +70℃(248 to 343K)
Storage temperature -40 to +85℃(233 to 358K)
Mechanism characteristic
Protection grade Protection grade
Connecting way V15 connector(M12×1),5pin
Shell Stainless steel1.43D3
Plastic part PBT

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