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Tilt Sensor

Application fields:Engineering vehicle

Product Characteristics:The inside of the sensor is IP65-IP68 waterproof aluminum alloy protection

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Product Overview

Product features

The inside of the sensor has a waterproof aluminum alloy protection rating of IP65-IP68

The accuracy can reach at 0.1°

The measuring range can reach at 360°

For the measurement of the inclination angle, non-contact type can be selected according to the applications

For measurement safety, optional redundant system double pendulum type can be selected.

Application fields

Crane Control System
Excavator Control System

Rotary Drilling Rig Control System


Product Tilt sensor
Redundant electronics Optional
Damped pendulum Electronic
Damping effect Adjustable > 0.5 sec by 90°
Angle range Up to 360°
Angle accuracy 0.1°
Resolution ratio 0.01°
TC < 0.05° / 10 K
IP level IP 65 up to IP 68
Electrical connection Plug-in unit
Weight 0.4 kg
Bus output CANopen
Power 18 to 33 V DC
Current consumption < 120 mA
Signal adjustment CANBus

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