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eCore-HPC High Power Controller

Application fields:Crane control system, tractor control system

Product Characteristics:Integrated relay box and controller functions, greatly reducing the application cost of the whole vehicle.

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Product Overview

Product features

The eCore-HPC series high-power controller is an intelligent distribution and control unit for vehicle power supply. It integrates the functions of relay box and controller, which greatly reduces the application cost of the whole vehicle.

Rich IO can meet the application demands of various construction machinery and agricultural machinery and vehicles, and the input and output logic can be customized according to customer needs.

Application fields

Excavator Control System
Loader Control System

Crane Control System
Rotary Drill Control System

Tractor Control System
Harvester Control System

Roller Control System
Paver Control System


Product eCore-HPC
Processor 32-bit
Frequency 180MHz
RAM 256k Byte
Flash 1M
Download Support CAN download
Supply voltage 9 to 36VDC
(*Relay applications are selected based on supply voltage12V/24V*)
Programming language C/C++, support CODESYS programming
Programming software MDK5
Sleep power consumption 220mA@24V
Connector AMP/Delphi/Bussman/DEUTSCH

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