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Multi-screen Interaction

Multi-screen Interaction

Application fields:

Product Characteristics:The host is developed based on Xinchi platform. Xinchi chip series has: high integration, high performance, stable quality characteristics; Chip series camera input support: 5PCS to 9pcs; Chip series display output support: 2 to 4 screens (1920 * 1080) @60fp; Instrument support QNX+Kanzi; It runs Android Q, Android's latest operating system.

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Product Overview

Host characteristics

• AVM built-in algorithm, supporting 3D vehicle models.

• Built-in radio chip, supporting RDS functions.

• Intelligent speech recognition, local speech recognition and online speech recognition.

• DSP audio algorithm, supporting third-party audio algorithms.

• RVC function, supporting reverse trajectory, radar signal superposition

• Built-in power amplifier, which can support 8-way builtin power amplifier and vehicle acoustic alarm system AVAS.

• Built-in A2B chip connected to external power amplifier, supporting TDM8 output, more flexible sound strategy.

Instrument characteristics

• Smooth startup animation, indicator self-test process, dial pointer rotation.

• The speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, water temperature gauge, and dynamic special effects of vehicle speed are all designed using 3D model.

• Can render any position in real time, the pointer rotates smoothly without jamming, and can reach 60 frames.

• 2 sets of theme switching, with transition animations during switching, facilitating subsequent expansion of multiple themes.

• Support for multi language switching such as Chinese/English to facilitate subsequent expansion of multiple language packs.

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Product name Multi-screen Interaction
360 panoramic parking · Analog HD AHD&LVDS input
· 720P&1080P HD
· 3D real-time panorama
· Image segmentation or seamless stitching, correction
· Automatic switching of steering screen
· Support offline calibration and online calibration
· Support ADAS functions such as MOD, PD, LDW, BSD, etc.
DMS functions · Driver Identification
· In vivo biological monitoring
· Distraction Reminder
· Fatigue alarm
· Call the police when driving
· Traffic smoke alarm
· Occlusion alarm
· Abnormal alarm
· Yawning alarm
· glance right and left alarm
DVR functions · Built-in tachograph
· Built-in ADAS algorithm
· Front vehicle start reminder
· Lane departure alarm
· • Forward anti-collision alarm
Speech recognition functions · Integrate third-party speech algorithms
· Support voice wake-up, and customize wake-up words
· Dual microphone noise cancellation, echo cancellation, sound source localization
· Speech recognition accuracy rate above 95%
· Support for local & cloud hybrid mode
· Supports understanding of natural semantics
· Support TTS speech synthesis broadcast
· Support voice dialing, voice input navigation destination song playback, function switching, and so on
Ecological applications · Real-time weather
· Online music
· Online Video
· Listening the book
· ...
Live Pilot functions · Supports voice input destinations
· Support for Android system maps
· Support real-time road navigation
· Support for offline and online maps
Mobile Internet functions · Support for IOS&Android mobile operating system
· USB connection Plug and Play
· Carplay、Android Auto、Carlife、Hicar
· Support for mobile phone power supply
· Support for real-time road conditions and online navigation through interconnected maps
· Support for third-party music players (online radio and online music)
· Support two-way operation of vehicle, machine and mobile phone
Radio functions · Support for global radio frequency bands
· Supports RDS functionality
· Collection of commonly used radio stations
· Support remote and close range control listening
· Supports stereo and mono reception
· Touch operation
· Voice control
Multimedia playback functions · Support for voice dialing
· Call log view
· Redial the last call number
· Automatic re-connection upon startup
· Music playback
· Supports pairing 5 phones simultaneously
· Phone book download speed can reach at 40 entries/per second
· <=10m receiving distance
Multimedia playback · Support local video, audio, and picture playback
· ID3 information display
· Support voice control for search, playback, up and down tracks
· Front and rear stage playback, break point memory
· Audio formats:MP3、AAC、WMA、WAV......
· Video formats:MP4、MOV、AVI、DIVX、WMV、 MPG、MKV、RMVB......
· Image format:JPG、PNG、GIF、BMP
Reverse view · Fast reverse rear view, enter the reverse interface within 3s
· Enter the reverse interface within 1 s during normal operation
· Precision steering wheel angle dynamic auxiliary line
· Reverse during fast start, supporting dynamic reverse trajectory
· Stackable radar display information
· Quick start, supporting dynamic trajectory

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Multi-screen Interaction


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