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J3 Driving-parking integrated domain

J3 Driving-parking integrated domain

Application fields:

Product Characteristics:This ADU is based on single J3 driving-parking integrated product, with the ultimate cost performance, mainly suitable for L2+ passenger car models, for medium and high speed 3R1V (>15km/h) function and low speed APA ( ≤ 15km/h) function.

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Product Overview

Key characteristics

• Vision chip scheme is J3

• Can support L2 driving-parking integrated or L2++

• The front view uses 8M monocular camera, and the circumferential view uses four 2M monocular cameras

Hardware scheme

• System platform: J3 +MCU

• Front view camera: 8MP, HFOV121°

• Support interface: 12 DSI/IO interface (ultrasonic radar)

• One Ethernet port

• One channel LVDS FAKRA coaxial output

• Four CANbus(CANFD) communication interface

Software scheme

We do function design and overall software integration on the basis of J3 underlying software, forward-looking awareness algorithm, service interface (BPU, VIO) and calibration and integration tool chain to meet user needs.

AEB/LKS/FSACC and other control function model, XCP calibration protocol, Boot loader, function integration, NV, diagnosis, OTA, function security (ASILB).

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Product name J3 Driving-parking integrated domain controller
Medium and high speed
Vertical function · AEB-Veh(AEB-Vehicle)Automatic emergency braking system
· AEB-Ped(AEB-Pedestrian)Automatic emergency braking system
· FCW-Veh(FCW-Vehicle)Front collision warning system
· FCW-Ped(FCW-pedestrian)Front collision warning system
· ACC S&G(ACC:0-130kph)Adaptive cruise control system
Horizontal function · LDW(Lane Departure Warning)
· LKA(Lane keeping Assistance)
· LCC(Lane Centering Control)
· ELK(Emergency Lane keeping)
Lighting function AHBC(Auto High Beam Control)
Other function · TSR(Traffic Sign Recognition)
· BSD(Blind Spot Detection)
· ISA(Intelligent Speed Assistance)
· LCA(Lane Change Assist)
· RCTA(Rear Cross Traffic Alert)
· DOW(Door Open Warning)
Vertical and Horizontal function · TJA (ACC+LCC up to 60kph) Traffic congestion assistance system
· ICA (ACC+LCC up to 130kph) Integrated high-speed cruise function
Low speed
Low speed parking APA(Vertical, parallel and inclined)
Parking assist AVM(Transparent chassis)Panorama image system

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J3 Driving-parking integrated domain


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