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Brief Introductions

The mechanical and electrical control system can realize the functions of grab rotation, grab and release, boom bucket bar control and car rotation on the grab machine, and monitor the real-time vehicle conditions. Video monitoring equipment is configured to monitor the rear of the grab machine and the grab operation area. The system can be used in sand factory, forest farm, scrap iron yard and so on.


• Rotary grab: to grasp and stack materials.

• Boom bucket rod control: control boom bucket rod.

• Rotary: to realize the rotary of the grasping machine and realize the operation in different directions.

• Real-time vehicle condition: real-time monitoring of vehicle operation, real-time warning of alarm status, remote monitoring, remote program upgrade.

• Video monitoring record: video monitoring of the rear of the grabbing machine and the working area of the grab.

• System modular design, through the bus link, wire harness more optimized.

• Intelligent system diagnosis, better maintainability.

• Program cloud management, system remote OTA upgrade.

• Monitor integration, optimize layout.

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