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Brief Introductions

Logging machine mainly consists of two parts: bottom car and nose. Both can be equipped with electronic control systems that support video surveillance, data comparison and analysis, location tracking, real-time vehicle conditions, and touch control. The optimized design based on the system makes the operation more convenient, and the connection between the nose and the cab is also simplified. The system is equipped with automatic material return function, which improves the system accuracy.


• Video monitoring: 720P HD camera to assist the clamping work, and the pressure sensor together to determine whether the clamping is tight, improve operation safety.

• Data comparison and analysis: Save single cutting data and cumulative cutting data for user statistical analysis in later period.

• Location tracking: support GPS/ Beidou accurate location and historical track query.

• Real-time vehicle condition: real-time monitoring of vehicle operation and real-time warning of alarm state.

• Touch control: subvert the traditional button operation, can bring better operation experience to the driver.

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