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Brief Introductions

Accurate load

• The standard payload function can be weighed on the run to accurately achieve the target load each time, which can reduce load time, optimize load efficiency and improve productivity in the field.

• Bucket payload and truck cumulative payload weight can be easily viewed on a touchscreen monitor.

• When the load exceeds the limit, an alarm is sounded.

Improve productivity

It can be weighed during driving, and the real-time effective load estimate can be obtained without turning, so as to achieve accurate target loading volume and improve loading efficiency.

• Target loads can be easily monitored from the cab, allowing operators to concentrate on loading the truck at all times.

• Static weighing helps you quickly measure the payload while the machine is still, allowing you to weigh objects efficiently.

• Calibration can be done in a short time.

Reduce the cost

• Without guesswork, operators can accurately achieve target load every time, allowing to work with confidence and save cost.

• Reduce underload, overload and load cycles without round-trip weighing, thus saving material handling costs.

• Trucks can be loaded to optimal payloads and move more materials.

• Helps operators of all experience levels improve consistency.

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