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Brief Introductions

Mine grader is a special classification of grader because of the use of the environment. It mainly used in the open pit mine for leveling the mine road surface, cleaning gravel and slag. Compared with bulldozer and loader, it is flexible, efficient and comfortable to operate.
As auxiliary equipment of mine, mine grader plays an indispensable role. In the economic cost, the smooth road surface will undoubtedly reduce the wear of equipment, prolong the life of equipment; In terms of efficiency, the smooth road surface can improve the running speed of equipment, reduce the failure rate of equipment and improve productivity.


• The joystick is the control module. According to different modes and functions, it devided into left, mid and right unit. In open-loop steering mode, it is the steering direction and speed control signal of the front wheel. In closed-loop steering mode, is the front wheel position control signal.

• Closed loop mode and open loop mode.

• The cylinder displacement sensor calculates the front wheel Angle by collecting data and structural parameters, and has different functions according to different modes.

• Controller control core unit, signal acquisition, CANbus communication, control output and logic operation.

• Pressure sensor, acquisition of steering system pressure, for status monitoring, alarm prompts, emergency steering.

Steering solenoid valve, through the controller PWM control steering.

Complete CAN control steering system.

Body condition signal monitoring.

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